The Vermeer HDD Simulator provides a highly detailed, virtual reality experience. Immerse your crew in a digital world where they can receive hands-on training on a wide range of HDD concepts and hone skills that translate to success on real-world jobsites.

Vermeer All Roads has a mobile HDD Simulator available for rent or for training either at your business location or at select dealer stores. Contact us to inquire about the availability of our HDD Specialists and the HDD Simulator.


Schedule a day or more of training with your region’s Navigator Specialist
Cost Structure: Flat Fee / Day (up to 6 trainees) + Travel Expenses


Rent the Simulator for a week or more with a “Train the Trainer” Start Day

Cost Structure: Flat Fee / Week + Flat Fee for “Train the Trainer” Start Day
Required: Customer Approval, Security Deposit, Rental Agreement

Cover Several Horizontal Directional Drilling Topics

  • Exposing underground utilities
  • Soil types
  • Bit types
  • Drilling fluid 101
  • Mixing system operation
  • Bore planning
  • Safety features
  • Drill functions
  • Following commands
  • Correcting bore deviations
  • Full clock steering
  • Carve steer
  • Pullback speed calculation
  • Reamer pullback evaluation
  • Instructor environment (free bore)

Practice Without the Risks of Live Drilling

Learning HDD fundamentals or testing new techniques can be dangerous on a real jobsite. Use the Simulator to practice 200′ bores and get evaluated on a 400′ bore that counts towards your certificate of completion. The course will grade on rotating the magnets, gearbox float, dropping your rod row, greasing your threads, counter rotation, and pitch accuracy.

Incorporate Both Green & Tenured Drill Operators

New operators and experienced drillers alike can benefit from Simulator Training. The focus can be on learning what drilling is and how to do it or honing new techniques and fixing bad habits. There is always more to learn when it comes to HDD.

Dedicate the Worthwhile Time to Train

The training is most effective in groups no larger than 3 people, which usually takes about 4 hours to complete. Our HDD Specialists can be prepared to train up to 6 people in one full day.

Have the Mobile Simulator Come to You

While select Vermeer All Roads locations can facilitate training for your team, our HDD Specialists can also bring the Simulator to wherever you are, from South Carolina to Ohio to Maine.