Arborist Training
Seymour, Connecticut

April 4th, 2023
7:00am - 4:00pm
770 Derby Avenue, Seymour, CT 06483

Arborist Emergency Preparedness and Rescue

A unique arborist seminar offering.
This seminar is designed to educate ground workers, tree climbers and/or aerial lift operators in the most likely scenarios where they may have to respond to an emergency while working at height. The discussion focuses on the importance of Emergency Action Planning (EAP) and emergency preparedness protocols in a high angle environment. The importance of self-rescue strategies and methods to minimize risk exposure to co-workers is discussed and demonstrated. Systems designed to facilitate an efficient and practical rescue are described and demonstrated.
All climbers, lift operators, crew leaders, and ground support crew should attend. Learners are given the opportunity to see a rescue demonstration, done “low and slow”. Aerial rescue will always be a team exercise, so professional arborists who routinely work from the ground are encouraged to attend as well.
Vermeer All Roads One Day Demonstration with North American Training Solutions:
  • Registration is at 7:00am
  • Day ends at 4:00pm
  • Seminars are held RAIN or SHINE
  • Bring lawn chair, hard hat, and safety glasses
Free Lunch is Provided
Earn up to 6.5 ISA Certified Arborist CEU’s
Earn up to 7 CT DEEP Pesticide Program CEU’s


Week Of Registration Price: $65.00
Availability Ends: Apr 4, 2023
Course Topics:
Job Safety Analysis, Emergency Planning, and PPE
  • Job Safety Analysis
  • P.P.E. (personal protective equipment) including inspection, fit, care and limitations
  • Planning and emergency response (Emergency Action Plan)
  • Hazard identification and mitigation
Concept of Emergency Preparedness and Response
  • Discuss common injury and fatality categories in the arboricultural industry
  • Analyze statistics involved with tree work injuries and fatalities
Emergency Prevention
  • Discuss the importance of applicable ANSI/OSHA Standards related to prevention, preparedness and rescue
  • Hazard identification and mitigation with the NIOSH Hierarchy of Controls
  • Electrical hazards, step / touch potential, direct / indirect contact, and minimum approach distance
  • Communication
  • ANSI Z133 Aerial Rescue Flow Chart
  • Conduct a tree inspection
  • Conduct an inspection of fall arrest systems and work positioning harnesses, ropes, connecting links and PPE
Emergency Preparedness
  • Establish an emergency action plan and the details required
  • Discuss the role of EMS and tree worker interaction with them
  • 911 protocols, EMS support, assistance, and cooperation
  • Address the importance of first aid kits, the components of them and how to use them
  • Examine the contents of a rescue kit and it’s importance
Aerial Rescue Techniques
  • Ascent methods a rescuer can take to access a victim in the tree
  • In-tree victim assessment and procedures
  • Packaging and stabilizing the Casualty for Extrication
  • Extrication of victim to the ground
  • Extrication post care until stable or medical help arrives
  • Aerial lift specific*, rescue techniques such as lower control rescue
  • Bucket Extraction and removal of victim from basket, whether it’s 1 person or 2 person, and discuss mechanical advantage
  • Lift Evacuation and Rappelling
  • Suspension Traum
*if aerial lift is available
Applicable Standards: This course meets the ANSI / ASSE Z490.1 Criteria for Accepted Practices in Safety, Health, and Environmental Training as well as ANSI Z133 & Z359 and CSA Z259.
Disclaimers: All seminars are demonstration only. For hands-on opportunities, please inquire with North American Training Solutions.